The Story

One day Bart’s wife came home with the latest Bluetooth speaker and was excited about how they could stream music or calls from anywhere and listen to music easily while they were at the beach.  The sound was lame and the build quality was lacking, so Bart wasn’t satisfied.  He decided to show his good friend Spike who loves tinkering with electronics.  Soon enough, they were back in “The Lab” as usual, creating speakers out of old scotch cases, high quality wood and yes, even Ammo Cans!

I know we can do better! – Bart

Spike’s expertise in electronics and circuitry paired with Bart’s experience in the shop was a perfect match from Day 1.  Bart works on the MDF speaker boxes and bass reflex to make sure they are solid while Spike works with the CNC machine and circuits to put it all together.  After making a few prototypes for themselves and bringing them to the beach, the same question kept coming up over and over again:

Where can I get one?

The word started to spread.  Given that Spike and Bart both already had jobs, they weren’t in a hurry to grow, but the requests kept coming in.  So they went back to The Lab and kept at it – they weren’t going to ship some half-assed product.  They were going to do it right and make this the coolest and highest quality Bluetooth speaker in the world.  Month after month they kept experimenting with all of the components, figuring out which suppliers had the best materials to make sure the quality was top notch.  In June 2014, the first AmmoCan X, Version 1.0 was born.

In late 2014, sick and tired of having no place to send people when they asked for one, Spike and Bart created to finally bring The AmmoCan X to the world! Since then, we’ve been lucky enough to work with our resident genius engineer Chris and our do-everything whiz Andrew, who helped bring us v2!
We hope you enjoy your AmmoCan X as much as we love ours!

-Spike, Bart, Andrew and Chris

“Here’s the fact: you can’t buy another wireless speaker that matches the feel and build quality of the AmmoCan X at any price. What you’re getting is a hand-built product made by guys who built something they wanted to own themselves.” –

(Read the full review from here!)

The Team

SpikeSpike Curtis –  Spike spent 10 years flying and instructing in fighter aircraft in the USAF, including the A-10 Warthog and AT-38 Smurf jet. Today he is an international Captain for a major airline.

Along the way he developed a keen interest in building really cool stuff, from 2-watt burning lasers to Arduino-controlled gadgets. He teamed up with Bart several years ago and together they built Check 6 Labs, technical HQ for AmmoAudio. Together they spent countless hours in the lab exploring their shared passion for and becoming proficient in the industrial arts, a skillset they felt was critical in developing rapid prototypes for their inventions.

Check 6 Labs is a full-up metal, wood and composites shop with machines to do just about anything. Several months ago they built a CNC machine that is now used in the production of the AmmoCan X.  A couple of Spike’s more epic builds/inventions have been featured over at

bartshopBart Hancock – Bart has a long and successful career in law enforcement.

He is currently employed with a governmental security agency and has previously been assigned to a High Threat Security Team in Baghdad, Iraq.  With close to a decade of Law Enforcement experience, he has worked in a jail environment, supervised and trained new recruits, held a position on the SWAT Team, worked street level drug crimes and worked in major drug operations in an undercover capacity. He has received a Medal of Valor and two Officer of the Year Awards.

In other words, don’t mess with Bart.  He is our resident bad-ass!