Ammo Can X – The Ammo Can Speaker

$400.00 $349.00

The Ammo Can X is the world’s most incredible bluetooth ammo can speaker for several reasons:

  • Two 4″ Coaxial Speakers
  • 24+ Hours of Playback per Charge
  • Bluetooth Wireless (50ft+ Range!)
  • 2 USB Ports to Charge Your Devices
  • MDF Cabinet & Bass Reflex Port for Incredible Sound
  • Charger Included: 3-4Hrs Recharge
  • Fat 50 Ammo Can Shell (PA-108)
  • Military Style Control Panel
  • Max Volume: 108dB (Bluetooth), 110dB (Aux-in) @5ft

This versatile speaker is ready for your man cave, office or living room but is just as comfortable at the beach, pool or camping.  Feel free to check out some high resolution photos of the Ammo Can X by clicking the images on the left and read more about the Ammo Can X specs below.  Rock on!


Product Description


The Best Ammo Can Speaker in the World

“The Ammo Can X is incredible, a high-quality Bluetooth ammo box speaker…Nothing else on the market is as tastefully designed as the Ammo Can X…This is an A+ product built by guys who are members of the military community.” –

(Read the full review from here!)

The Ammo Can X (aka “The X”) repurposes a military-issue ammo can and turns it into an incredibly versatile device that can stream music over bluetooth, charge your phone and give you incredible sound when you are out in the wilderness or laying on the beach. We are obsessed with good sound here at AmmoAudio and have taken over a year to make this product perfect with some amazing specs. We make each one by hand, which is why if you want one soon, you shouldn’t wait! Made in the USA by veterans.

ammo can speaker

Ammo Box Speaker with Crisp, Bold Sound:

We didn’t scrimp when we decided on what speakers to include (two 4 inch coaxial speakers, each with a 100Hz – 20Hz frequency response, a nominal impedance of 4 Ohms, 30 Watts RMS – 60 Watts Max, and an 85 dB sensitivity @1watt/1meter). We wanted to make sure that the music sounded not only incredibly crisp, but would be powerful enough to take center stage in the middle of a big group of friends. Also, our proprietary amps help us achieve a super clean sound. We’ve tested close to 50 amps and worked with several amplifier manufacturers to make sure the specs are amazing for the Ammo Can X.

Another crucial step to make sure the sound is awesome is that we take our time to build and mount a vented MDF box with a bass reflex within the ammo can so that there is no rattling like many of the imitators out there. Your friends will be shocked at the clarity and bold sound from the Ammo Can X, whether you are out at the pool or around a camp fire. To learn more about the importance of bass reflex click here. We are the only sellers of Ammo Can speakers that take sound to a new level by building and mounting our own MDF box into the can. Even ones 50% more don’t go to this length to get the best sound quality.

Military Grade Ammunition Can Speaker:ammo box speaker

Every Ammo Can X made uses a Fat 50 Caliber Ammo Can (PA-108) as the outer shell – the same ones used in the military. No two are exactly alike, which we think is just another reason that this is most unique portable Bluetooth speaker in the world. We guarantee you that when people see the X for the first time, they will stop in their tracks and say something like “That is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!” How do we know? Because that is what happens to us every time we take ours on the road! This is one of the main reasons we decided that we had to make this available to everyone (of course, after making them for all our lucky friends)! The military inspiration doesn’t just end with the ammo can shell. Inside, you’ll see we have included bad-ass trigger switches that light up to let you know when the power is on and when the Bluetooth is on. When you flip the switches, they’ll also likely make you feel a little bit like an actual fighter pilot, like our co-founder Mike. 🙂

“That’s the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!”


Impressive Specs & Functionality:

As cool as it looks on the outside, the Ammo Can X is just as amazing on the inside with impressive specs. Packing a monster 12V 7.5AH battery and super efficient amp, this rugged box can stream music continuously for 20+ hours per charge, even with Bluetooth on. Also, you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth draining your phone battery because you can plug your phone into the X as well since it includes 2 USB ports! Once you take it home from camping, the beach or elsewhere, just plug the Ammo Can X into any standard outlet and the battery will fully recharge in just a few hours. How do you know when she’s full? In keeping with our military theme, we have a red DC voltage button so that you can check how much juice your Ammo Can X has left at any time. Don’t know how to read a voltage meter? No worries, we’ve carved a handy cheat sheet into the aluminum face right next to the display. Just another small touch to add to the X’s rugged look.

“Stream music for 20+ hours using Bluetooth and charge your smart phone when no outlets are around…”


rugged bluetooth speakerRugged Bluetooth Speaker with Durability:

Go Ahead, Scratch Me…or shoot me! This isn’t some wimpy JamBox, this ammo can speaker is rugged. Snap it shut and grab the handle (wrapped in a 550 cord) and you’re ready to go! Get is scuffed up, bring it camping or to the beach and stop worrying. Having a hard shell of an ammo can is a definite advantage. It’s super easy to snap the lid shut and lug around town or from room to room. It also has plenty of space to hold your smart phone when you’re streaming your music. Here are just a few of the many places the Ammo Can X has already been used:

* The beach

* The pool

* Camping in the woods

* The garage

* In your car / truck / jeep

* In the kitchen and/or office

ammo can bluetooth speaker

Anywhere you need or want to stream some great tunes, the Ammo Can X is ready, willing and able. It’s the perfect portable bluetooth sound system for your BBQ. It’s small enough to go anywhere (measuring 12.9″x 7.3″x 8.9″), but large enough to fill a large room with crisp, bold sound.

The only problem you may have is the number of people that ask you where you got one. We appreciate you sending them to!

Every one of our customers has not stopped raving about the sound, functionality and the cool rugged look of this unique ammo can speaker.  The word is starting to spread and we’ve already had some amazing reviews written (see “Press & Reviews” at top of page)… and they all agree – the Ammo Can X is an incredible device.

“This isn’t some wimpy JamBox, this thing is rugged.”


IMG_9416Personalized & Hand Made:

To make sure we have a top notch quality product, we make all of these by hand and put them through a strict quality control process to ensure that everything is working great before we ship it out. For a bit more we will also etch your name, military division, unit number, challenge coin or any other badge or logo that means a lot to you, right on the control panel of the Ammo Can X (see the Engraving product under “Shop” tab for examples and more detail). While that means you get an awesome personalized ammo box speaker that will last you for years, it means we have very limited production and each one takes about a week to get ready to ship out.

parachord handle bluetooth speakerGiving Back. The Fisher House:

As a military inspired product, we only thought it would be appropriate to give back to the men, women and families from the military that have sacrificed so much for us. For that reason, we pledge to donate 1% of our profits at Ammo Audio LLC each year to The Fisher House which helps provide a network of comfort homes while a loved one is receiving treatment.To read more about this great charity, click here. Whether you buy a Ammo Can X or not, we hope you’ll consider donating to this great cause.

“Ammo Audio LLC pledges 1% of all profits to The Fisher House”

bluetooth speaker made in americaMade in the USA. By Veterans:
While we don’t have a big manufacturing plant, we do have a dedicated team of veterans ready to help hand build your Ammo Can X. To learn more about our story, click here.

“Made in the USA. By Veterans.”




bluetooth speaker grill



Amp & Efficiency:

The Amp we use has a highly efficient chip that draws little power vs. the competition. Other guys using way less efficient ClassD amps which just kills your battery. One of the main consideration for sound quality is THD (total harmonic distortion), frequency response and efficiency. We think we hit a beautiful balance with the Ammo Can X that is unmatched.


USB ports ammo can speaker

ammo can bluetooth speakermissile switches ammo can speaker

SLA battery specs bluetooth speaker



Additional Information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 10 x 12 in

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