How long before my Ammo Box Speaker arrives!?

Once your order is processed, it is shipped FedEx Ground within 2 to 7 business days (99% of the time).  If you are domestic USA in the lower 48 states, the speaker typically takes another 3-5 business days to arrive at your address (all in, about 5 – 10 business days). You will get a confirmation when you purchase to your email, and another notice when your unit ships out. In the rare case that we may be backordered, we will notify you of any delay and we can process a full refund within 2 business days if you don’t want to wait for the backordered unit.

If you choose to add on a personal engraving to your speaker (+$49), this will add an additional 3-5 business days on the delivery, depending on our inventory levels and how quickly you get us the image that you want engraved!

Do you ship to military bases, APO and AE addresses? What shipping should I select?

Yes, we do ship to military bases, however, we can’t be responsible if for whatever reason the order does not arrive. To date, we have sent several orders out to APO and AE addresses with no issues. Please make sure in the order note to you INCLUDE YOUR MILITARY ADDRESS.

Do you ship international / outside the USA?

Yes, however, please note that you may be responsible for significant import duties / taxes and/or VAT taxes depending on your country. When shipping international we also cannot extend any warranty or any refunds since we can’t be responsible for how customs tampers with the speakers (they do look suspicious!). Shipping internationally is also MUCH more expensive, since we need to charge an additional 50% surcharge (on the already expensive shipping option) to cover customs and duty fees which get charged back to us.

The good news is for our neighbors up north, we are able to ship Fedex International ground to Canada. Make sure you select “FedEx Ground” and not ”

Is the ammo can waterproof?

No, the ammo can speakers are not waterproof. If you throw it in a lake or river, it will sink. It is most vulnerable to water on the face where the speaker cones and port are located. The speaker cones don’t like water and neither do the electronics located on the other side of the port. In order to make the sound high quality, we had to port the box for significantly improved bass.

Plus, all of the marine speakers out there sound mediocre in comparison to the high end drivers we use. That being said, 5 of the 6 sides of the can are water resistant since it does have an ammo can shell…so assuming you get some water on the back, bottom, side or top of the can, she should continue to play just fine. That’s one of the great advantages of having a rugged ammo can shell.

How do I get that cool engraving / personalize it?

Add engraving to your shopping cart by clicking the engraving product in our shop here: http://www.ammoaudio.com/shop/ We are happy to personalize it with “Property of: [Your Name Here]” or even a logo, assuming you have the rights to use that image and it’s not trademarked.  Please write what you’d like engraved in the note of the order.

If you forget to do this, make sure to e-mail what you’d like engraved to Spike@ammoaudio.com (either the engraved text you’d like or the logo you’d like included).

Note: if you are sending a logo, please do so in vector form (.ai .svg or .pdf, for example) so that the engraving comes out as clean as possible.  If you send us any other type of image file, we will have to process an additional $49 handling fee since it takes much longer to prepare in our graphics program.  If you don’t have an image in mind,  we have a subscription at http://www.123rf.com, an image depository that provides vector images for our engravings.  You can just send us or include a link to the image you would like engraved on your speaker!

How much does it weigh?

The Ammo Can X comes in right around a solid 18lbs. This weight comes primarily from the large battery, the ammo can shell and the MDF wood insert to make it sound great!

Can the ammo can take a beating?

The ammo can is still a piece of electronic equipment, so while it is a very solid device, it can break if you drop it or subject it to a lot of severe impact. The front of the can has drivers/speakers, which are also sensitive to impact and can be damaged if they are hit by anything. The tough ammo can shell makes it immune to dings, scrapes and normal wear and tear, but we don’t recommend throwing it off a cliff…which brings us to…

What is your return and warranty policy?

Our full policy is right here, but basically we allow for full refund within 30 days as long as you cover shipping the unit back to us. If you have any issues with the device, we are happy to ship you a FedEx label to cover the cost of getting it back to us within 30 days. As soon as we get the unit you send back, we’ll send out a new one within 2 weeks.