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Being open-source kinda guys, we decided to share our skills and knowledge with the online community. You might not want to build one this large but the Check out our Instructable and see how we built the biggest, loudest, most

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Ammo Can X on the Beach

Bluetooth speakers are a staple for having a good time at the beach. Our ammo can bluetooth speakers ensure you will have a blast and have crisp, bold tunes for hours and hours while you’re working on your tan. Here

CNC Raptor Time Lapse Fun

How fast can Spike work? We thought you’d enjoy seeing how the face plates are cut and engraved with our CNC Raptor…at EXTREME SPEED:

Ammo Can X vs. Tannerite

So after we shot up the Ammo Can X last time on the last firearms Friday, we’ve had countless requests to step up our game and really try to destroy it with a lot of Tannerite. We weren’t sure what

The Ultimate Bluetooth Speaker Ammo Can Shootout. Rugged.

So every Friday, the guys like to host what they call “Firearms Friday”, where they test out some new guns and/or show off a part of our growing operations. This week, we thought we’d encourage you to try this with

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